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Bullfrog Spas has cornered the market on luxurious hot tubs.  This innovative company brings Gary Thull Pools versatile spas with Bullfrog’s patented JetPak Therapy System.

JetPaks are interchangeable customizable jetted spa seat backs, allowing you to design your ideal spa experience.  JetPaks facilitate an ever-changing spa that always perfectly suits your evolving needs.  The selection of JetPaks is extensive, from soothing deep relief type JetPaks to pulsing deep muscle therapy type JetPaks.  We encourage you to browse the Bullfrog JetPak selection. With dual pulse, kneading, and single-pulse jets, we’re certain you’ll find something perfect for your body.

Gary Thull Pools is proud to offer these superior, efficient, and innovative spas to our customers.  Stop by our showroom today to see our stunning Bullfrog spa selection.