Home & Garden Show 2014

Some things never change… and some things do.  You know that every year, around this time, you can drop by and see Gary Thull Pools at the Central PA Home & Garden Show .  That doesn’t change.  We’re always happy when we can meet and interact with the people of our community.  We’re delighted to show you our tried and true products… and our new products.  We’re thrilled to discuss our construction, renovation and maintenance services.  You’ll find it easy to locate our 35+ years of experience and our outstanding customer service at booth #25,26 on the concourse level.  And, there’s so much going on at the Home & Garden Show.  Many of your old favorites will be back.  The Children’s Home Building Contest returns.  It’s in its tenth year!  Get your creative kid and see what they can build with Legos or Lincoln Logs.  There are still oodles of free seminars and door prizes.  Who doesn’t love a good door prize?  Why not come for the fun AND the great information?

Then, there are some things that change.  Good things.  Things like some of the great new features of the Home & Garden Show.  There’s a new layout – more room!  The Builders’ Association will be giving away a TV and a Truck Accessory package.  Art of the Home is a partnership with the Art Alliance and will be featured on the concourse level.  Centre Park showcases products and talents of many local businesses.  There’s too much to name.  C’mon over and see some of the same and much of the new!

Who:               Gary Thull Pools, Booth #25,26 on the Concourse level

What:              2014 Central PA Home & Garden Show

Where:            Bryce Jordan Center, State College, P

How Much:

Admission for Ages 13 and up $6.00

Admission for Ages 12 and under FREE

Parking FREE


Friday, March 14th, 3pm-8pm

Saturday, March 15th, 10am-9pm

Sunday, March 16th, 10am-4pm


Home Show Recap

Home Show Recap

 Last weekend, Gary Thull Pools had the pleasure of exhibiting our splash-worthy booth at the 2013 Home Show, which was hosted by the Builder’s Association of Central PA.  Among 120+ exhibitors, we were pleased you chose us to answer your questions.  We loved having our brains picked!  35+ years of experience just doesn’t like to sit around and do crossword puzzles.  (Apologies if you like to do crossword puzzles.  We’re just not that type.)  We had loads of enthusiastic interest from great families and it made us realize something about what’s going on in the world today.  Sure, the price of gas may be going up and yes, maybe money might be a little tight, but most of us, are just being extra sure that we’re spending our money where it counts – FAMILY.  We’d all like to make home sweet home a little sweeter.  After all, the word “stay-cation” isn’t necessarily a bad word.  In fact, it sounds really nice, if you ask us.  You know you’ll have the pool all to yourselves and you don’t have to share the spa– if you don’t feel like it.  We realize that more people are staying home with families and correspondingly, more people are spending their money at home.  So, what better investment than to renovate your pool for your family?  Perhaps you’d like to add an automatic cover to lengthen your swim season.  You know the kids would love that!  Or maybe you’d like to arrange for us to come out to your place for a free visit to analyze the energy efficiency of your pool equipment?  It’ll make your wife smile when she gets the energy bill!  Perhaps your backyard is still just a boring sea of green grass; now is a swell time to thrill your family with a brand new pool to jazz up your Summer together time.  It’s these kinds of things that people are spending their money on.  Staying home is a fantastic idea, because family matters and we’re glad we can be a part of this.  We feel the privilege of “upping” your poolside pleasantries.  That’s Gary Thull Pools – a family company… here to serve those wanting a more pleasant swim season with their families.

Builders Association of Central PA Home Show

2013 Builders Association of Central PA HOME SHOW

In an age where everything is techno crazy, sometimes a little one on one face time is still what you need.  This weekend, join us at the 2013 Home Show, hosted by the Builder’s Association of Central PA.  Over 120 exhibitors will be present at the Bryce Jordan Center in State College to talk with you about improving your home sweet home, both indoors and out.  Best of all, Gary Thull Pools will be among them!  Come, pick our brains and make good use of our 35+ years of experience.  Get your questions answered and get the ball rolling on your next pool or spa project.  You’ll find the friendly Gary Thull Pools family makin’ a splash on the arena floor in Booth W6,7.  We’re excited to talk to you about our new line of Blue Hawaiian fiberglass pools by Latham, plus all of our other great products, construction, renovation and maintenance services.   So, bring your whole family out this weekend.  There will be door prizes, free seminars, kids’ building contests and so much more.  This event can’t be beat for a little informational family entertainment.  Maybe you’ll even get some work done too.  We can’t wait to see you there! Visit the Home Builders of Central PA for more information @ http://centralpabuilders.com

Who:               Gary Thull Pools, Booth W6,7 on the Arena Floor

What:              2013 Home Show

Where:             Bryce Jordan Center, State College, PA

How Much:     Admission for Ages 13 and up $5.00

Admission for Ages 12 and under FREE

Free Parking

When:              Friday, March 15th, 3pm-8pm

Saturday, March 16th, 10am-8pm

Sunday, March 17th, 10am to 4pm