Pool Party Inspirations

Pool Party Inspiration

Gary Thull Pools is thrilled that this Memorial Day officially kicks off Pool Party season.  We’ve picked up a few ideas for your pool party that we’d like to share.

 The forecast says warm weather will be here this weekend, so why not fill a wading pool with ice and place your picnic dishes inside.  Things will stay nicely cool with less hassle Photo/Idea credit to http://beautyandbedlam.com/creative-party-ideas-to-keep-things-cool/

Got bug problems?  Simply serve your salads in covered cookie jars!  The bugs will be outsmarted for once and you’ll look like a designer hostess.

Photo/Idea credit to http://www.4men1lady.com/a-backyard-bash/

Speaking of food, these easy peasy dishes are sure to add some patriotic pizzazz to your party!  Red, White and Blue strawberries chant “USA” loud and clear.  Your teenage daughter would love to pitch in and dip the berries for you too.  YUMMY!        (She can pretend she’s a Food Network Star.)


Need an easy dessert that’s a winner every time?  Whip up this peppy twist on the classic Rice Krispy Treat.


Going for a show-stopper?  Use this photo inspiration for your fruit tray display that will wow ‘em for sure.

From Pinterest – Source Unknown

For a fabulous family friendly beverage, give these sparklers a try.  Kids and adults alike will be thrilled to sip away


Every good Memorial Day party needs a centerpiece or two.  Inexpensive dried beans replicate the flag in these simple centerpieces.

Photo Credit to http://www.achievingcreativeorder.com/2013/06/patriotic-mantel.html

Or, try colored water with some summer blossoms and a flag for a patriotic punch for your table.


Let your party last into the night, by tossing in glowsticks.  It’ll knock their socks off!


Most importantly, enjoy your family, friends and your pool this holiday weekend.  Gary Thull Pools wishes you a terrific holiday weekend.  As always, feel free to contact us if there is anything we can do to make your pool party better.