Clean & Perfect

The Clean & Perfect Way!

We’re taking some time to introduce terrific new products to you, straight from our friends at Natural Chemistry.  They have pledged to produce an entire line of pool and spa products that are chemical free, entirely natural, safe to use, safe for the environment and, most importantly, effective.  Take a look at the good things we had to say about Bug Break Free and Hair Renew.   Dependable products get real results.  It’s a win-win situation.Today, we’re highlighting Clean & Perfect, Natural Chemistry’s All Purpose Cleaner.  You know we love multi-taskers.  Products that pull double or even triple duty are just downright smart to have around.  We’ve talked before about other great products from Natural Chemistry.  They’ve done it again.  They’ve given us a reliable product that gets the job done time and time again.  Your pool and spa covers, skimmers, outdoor furniture and even your decks and barbecues will glisten when you clean with Clean & Perfect.  As they say, it’s “The Perfect All Purpose Cleaner.”  We know this isn’t just a sales line.  Clean & Perfect can handle virtually any mess – inside or out.  We’ve tested this product on indoor appliances, counters and fixtures too.  Why?  Clean & Perfect has natural enzymes and surfactants that powerfully drive away stains and odors gently and completely.  Gary Thull Pools is thoroughly pleased with Clean & Perfect’s natural enzyme technology.  We have found that grease and grime are no match for this dynamic formula.  Who would have thought that a product with this much effective versatility could even be biodegradable and a sound environmental choice?  Contact us to get your bottle today.  You won’t be disappointed in Clean & Perfect’s cleaning power.