Smart Shield

Solar Shield

Sometimes it feels like everyone and everything is working against you, doesn’t it?  In your pool, you battle algae, bacteria, leaves and yes, even the sun.  The sun causes big time water evaporation.  Evaporation means you have less water AND less heat.

Enter your new pool bestie, Smart Shield.  SmartShieldu

Costing significantly less than your average solar cover or solar blanket, BioGuard’s Smart Shield is essentially a liquid solar cover.  This outstanding formula keeps your water six to seven degrees warmer!  We know those precious degrees are actually the difference in a comfortable swimming experience for most folks.  That is, those of us over the age of ten.  #kidswillalwaysswim (If you’re under the age of ten, pool water is acceptable at any temperature, provided time spent swimming greatly reduces time spent doing chores.)  In any case, you should know that chilly nights are no match for this pool water conserver.  Your pool water stays right where it belongs – in your pool.  Your water temperature remains consistent, despite the sun’s best efforts at evaporation and the weather’s best attempts at chilling your pool water down, down, DOWN.  Our resident experts recommend using Smart Shield monthly throughout your swim season for optimum results.  How can a product stay effective for a month, you ask?  Smart Shield has a top notch enduring formula that truly lasts up to thirty days.  We’ve seen how consistent Smart Shield application actually lengthens your swim season.  So, stop fighting the elements on top of everything else.  Drop by our store to pick up your incredible bottle of Smart Shield.

Until next time, take a tip from Dory and “just keep swimming!”