Smart Shield

Solar Shield

Sometimes it feels like everyone and everything is working against you, doesn’t it?  In your pool, you battle algae, bacteria, leaves and yes, even the sun.  The sun causes big time water evaporation.  Evaporation means you have less water AND less heat.

Enter your new pool bestie, Smart Shield.  SmartShieldu

Costing significantly less than your average solar cover or solar blanket, BioGuard’s Smart Shield is essentially a liquid solar cover.  This outstanding formula keeps your water six to seven degrees warmer!  We know those precious degrees are actually the difference in a comfortable swimming experience for most folks.  That is, those of us over the age of ten.  #kidswillalwaysswim (If you’re under the age of ten, pool water is acceptable at any temperature, provided time spent swimming greatly reduces time spent doing chores.)  In any case, you should know that chilly nights are no match for this pool water conserver.  Your pool water stays right where it belongs – in your pool.  Your water temperature remains consistent, despite the sun’s best efforts at evaporation and the weather’s best attempts at chilling your pool water down, down, DOWN.  Our resident experts recommend using Smart Shield monthly throughout your swim season for optimum results.  How can a product stay effective for a month, you ask?  Smart Shield has a top notch enduring formula that truly lasts up to thirty days.  We’ve seen how consistent Smart Shield application actually lengthens your swim season.  So, stop fighting the elements on top of everything else.  Drop by our store to pick up your incredible bottle of Smart Shield.

Until next time, take a tip from Dory and “just keep swimming!”


Where’s Buddy?

Buddy1      Where’s Buddy?

Now that you’ve met Buddy, our toad-ally wonderful Bullfrog Spas representative, we thought you might enjoy a rousing game of “Where’s Buddy?”  Doreen has helped Buddy to sequester himself in various “hidey-holes” in our store and showroom and your job is to locate him in the all of the pictures.  Then, hop on over to our Facebook page Buddy6on the “Where’s Buddy?” post and comment or double hop on over to the Contact page on our website and send the answers that way.  In doing so, you’ll be entered to win a colorful and fun prize package of Melissa and Doug sand and sun toys.  What are you waiting for?  Let’s find Buddy now!

Only one entry per family please.  This contest is open to residents of the US only.





Oh where,Oh where can he be??


Memorial Day

Mempic2Get Your Memorial Day Fun Essentials Now!

 The official first day of swim season is quickly approaching.  With Memorial Day only a few days away, swim parties and backyard fun in the sun launchs soon.  Perusing your pool fun stash, you’ll likely notice that last year’s pool toys are flat, faded and fun-less.  Don’t worry!  You can count on Gary Thull Pools.  For the smallest swimmers, we stock an entire line of quality Melissa and Doug water toys.4-8-16i From poolside chairs for the little people, to pirate treasure water games, the little ones will be delighted.  We have happy kickboards and silly sunglasses.  Our sand toys are sure to please.  We also carry water muscles for the young Steelers fans.  For the entire family, we have rafts for lounging, goggles for underwater play and patriotic beach balls for impromptu Memorial Day games.  Get the whole party involved in Games3a poolside game of Diskee, the Ultimate Disc Game or our Quarterback Touchdown Throw game.  Our BULLZi Bucket toss game will be popular with all of your guests.  Towel off at the end of the day with a specially embroidered beach towel, purchased exclusively here at the Gary Thull Pools Store & Showroom.  Don’t get caught with only flat, faded and fun-less pool toys!  Stock up today on all the pool time fun essentials.  Gary Thull Pools honors those who have served to keep American safe as well as those who gave all protecting our country. We wish you and yours a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend.  God bless the USA!


Meet Buddy

Meet Buddy

“Excuse me; I don’t believe we’ve met yet.  I’m Buddy, the Bullfrog on staff here at Gary IMG_1723Thull Pools.  I’ve been representing Bullfrog Spas for a long time now, but I’m new to Gary Thull Pools.  I perch atop one of the many spas that reside here temporarily, before making their way to your home – their spa forever homes.  I’ve got a great view here, on the corner of this spa.  I can see Doreen as she tends to customers, mans the front desk, answers the phone and keeps the store running like a well-oiled machine.  I wish she’d bring me a snack every now and again.  What’s a frog to do?!  Mostly though, I’m happy to sit here in the showroom, greeting you as you enter.  It’s a terrific vantage IMG_1744point for all the colors and finishes of our Bullfrog Spas.  My personal favorite is the Penn State themed spa, with deep Navy blue tones, complemented with shades of pearly white.  It’s quite a looker!  I’m quite certain there’s a spa here that you will love.  If there isn’t, I’ve discovered that Gary or one of our other knowledgeable staff will help you customize and order your perfect spa.  Speaking of IMG_1738customization, Gary Thull Pools doesn’t limit their customization to colors, finishes and textures.  No sir!  IMG_1719Your future spa is made for you and only you, as you select the perfect Jet Pak for your ideal Bullfrog Spa experience.  I’ve hopped around these parts long enough to realize that there are currently sixteen different Jet Paks to choose from.  I’m hoping Doreen will stay out of the showroom so I can hop in the spa tomorrow to test the Jet Paks myself.  I’ve got my eye on the NeckMasseuse, as my neck gets a little cramped, holding my head in this position all day.  The Spinal Health is another on my list to try out.  I’ve overheard Doreen say how much she likes the RainShower Jet Pak and Gary favors the Deep Relief Jet Pak.  I wasn’t trying to eavesdrop, but I overheard the IMG_1726families who stopped by to wet test our Bullfrog Spa raving about the unique and superior experience each Jet Pak creates.  I’ve observed that you humans seem to be a rather diverse lot, which is why I adamantly recommend the Jet Paks.  Tall, short, somewhere in between, with lower back troubles, neck aches, foot pain, whatever plight or position you’re in, I’ve found that Gary Thull Pools has a Jet Pak for you and your constantly evolving needs.  I bounded out of the way the other day when Zeph was demonstrating in the showroom, but I needn’t have worried.  The Jet Paks are IMG_1734jetted spa seat backs that are completely interchangeable, even while your spa is full of water.  Zeph switched them out easily, right then and there.  My frog jaw was on the floor!  Once, when Doreen was busy with a customer at the chemicals display, I took a peek at the Bullfrog Spas diagram.  Those things are engineering masterpieces.  I’ve been around the spa business long enough to know that most spa diagrams look like “Spa-ghetti,” with their maze of plumbing and such.  It’s an efficiency nightmare, but not with our Bullfrog Spas.  They IMG_1733are the most efficient spas on the market, with a super low monthly operating cost.  I’m hoping you’ll hop over here soon.  It’s been a real pleasure meeting you.  I’m looking forward to greeting you in person ‘toad-day’ as you browse our Gary Thull Pools showroom.”

Gary Thull Pools is Opening a Store and Showroom

OpenSoonBannerWe are excited to serve you at our brand new retail store at 551 E. College Ave, Bellefonte (Pleasant Gap), PA.  That’s right on Rte 64 beside another community fixture, the Sunset West Restaurant.  Our store and showroom will be opening April 8th, stocked with pool accessories, chemicals, toys and parts.

We’re proudly stocking BioGuard’s best products.  We’ll have sanitizers, algae killing and prevention products, shock products and water balancers.  Swing by and grab what you need.

We’re thrilled to be bringing you Bullfrog spas.  These spas are fully customizable.  Each individual jet pack can be interchanged to create custom massages in order to maximize your relaxation.  Our showroom is open for you!

We have a full size fiberglass pool display at our store and a smaller version inside our showroom.  Come see the pools’ beautiful and durable structure and finish.

We want you to get up close and personal with your options.  The best way is to witness how to install and operate an automatic cover.

We believe in this deck coating product so much that we installed both inside and outside our store for you to witness its beauty and durability one-two punch.

Everybody loves choices.  C’mon in and see all the 2016 liner patterns.  We know there’s one that will make your wife dance a happy dance.

  • Parts, parts, parts!

We’re housing an entire inventory of parts on site.  Painstakingly organized by our super-hero, Zeph, we know we can help you find what your pool and spa equipment need.

  • Water testing equipment

Sometimes you just need an expert diagnosis, right?  Jet over to our place and you can take full advantage of our expertise, helping you fight algae and other common pool problems.

  • Accessories

They say, “Accessories make the outfit.”  We believe that accessories make the pool!  From pool brushes to safety products to pool time fun, we’ve got the accessories covered in our store.

We’ve stocked an entire line of quality Melissa & Doug products just for the kids!  Kick boards!  Beach balls!  Pool games!  Kid-sized chairs!  The younger set will be thrilled to find the good stuff for them here.  The Gary Thull grandkids have already given this fine line of toys and accessories their hearty approval.  We bet yours will do the same.

You know what we stand for at Gary Thull Pools.  The outstanding customer service that has become synonymous with our name and reputation will be trademark in our store and showroom.

Join us for our Grand Opening on Friday, April 8th from 3:00 pm–8:00 pm and Saturday, April 9th from 9:00 am–4:00 pm.  We can’t wait to see you there!

Last but not least

NoAlgaeLastly, BioGuard’s Algaecides really are the way to go when you’re up against stubborn algae. Algae All 60 is a tremendously effective algaecide because it prevents all types of algae – green, yellow, blue-green, black and pink. Algae All 60 won’t alter your pH levels and it doesn’t turn your pool into a foaming mess of a bubble bath. (In case you didn’t know, foaming is a concern with other algaecides.) Algae All 60 doesn’t stain and it hinders algae from making itself at home in YOUR pool. We also love BioGuard’s Backup, a handy (and immensely popular) algae preventative to have in your arsenal. Backup is like a super hero, specially licensed for penetrating nooks and crannies where algae hide out. Though Backup doesn’t show up at your pool with a mask and cape, it’s a first class solution for preventing and killing algae. Being that you love clear water, we know you’ll call on Backup to keep algae out of your neighborhood.

 Gary Thull Pools is proud to offer you the best products for keeping your pool in tip-top shape. From chlorinators to algaecides, you can trust us to provide you with effective tools to make your swim season fantastic. Call us today to order your BioGuard products. Perhaps you didn’t know that we’ll deliver for free with a purchase of $50 or more. Not only do we stock the best products, but we also offer outstanding and convenient service.


Thirdly, Pool Balancers

Bio GuardThirdly, it’s important to have products on hand that adjust pH and total alkalinity. You’ve got scale, metallic stains and mineral imbalances to prevent as well. Are you dizzy? Don’t be! Just take a look at BioGuard’s balancers. For pH concerns, we recommend Balance Pak 200. You won’t have to worry about equipment corrosion or liner wrinkling with this in your repertoire. In the alkalinity department, Balance Pak 100 is the product for you! This product will keep your water comfortable for your family and fight equipment corrosion or liner wrinkling from incorrect alkalinity levels. Stabilizer 100 is another great choice. Did you know that chlorine can be lost because of sunlight? This product vigilantly fights that chlorine loss. Using Stabilizer 100 will help keep your maintenance costs down by controlling how much chlorine you’re using. Now, that’s a win! We know nobody likes swimming in cloudy water, so we love Balance Pak 300. It dissolves quickly as it raises calcium hardness and fights corrosion in all your equipment and pool surfaces. For adjusting pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, stabilizer, and so on… BioGuard’s Balancers will serve you and your family well.


Featured Product – Take 2

Bio GuardSecondly, we’re big fans of BioGuard’s Burn Out 73. It’s an oxidizer that packs the biggest shock power on the market because of its high percentage of calcium hypochlorite. In layman’s terms, that means that Burnout 73 is THE product to destroy organic contaminants. It works hard to bring the sparkle and shine back into your pool water. Burn Out 73 is a great product for the off night during heavy pool usage weeks. This super-chlorinator dissolves quickly to make your pool water clear and inviting. That’s what you’re shooting for, right?


Featured Products

Bio GuardIt’s not enough to have a beautiful pool and splendid landscaping, because that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have a pleasant swim season. Our BioGuard products are the key to making the best of this summer with your family. Granular chlorine, oxidizers, balancers and algaecides will keep your pool in pristine condition, making your pool a joy, rather than a burden. Gary Thull Pools recommends only the best for you!

First, we can’t say enough about BioGuard’s Silk Tabs. Silk Tabs are really not a traditional chlorine product. They are unique because of the SilkGuard technology they contain. Silk Tabs include a forward thinking ingredient that binds itself to hard water and metals. This super smart sanitizing product’s number one purpose is smooth, soft pool water, which produces a divine swim experience. And, you can swim with peace of mind, knowing that BioGuard’s Silk Tabs will fight scaling and corrosion. There won’t be any metal staining either. You’ll rest easy knowing your pool equipment will last longer too! You know that algae are tough characters, so be glad that these terrific Silk Tabs will fight algae tooth and nail and battle bacteria like a true veteran. BioGuard’s Silk Tabs ought to be your sanitizer of choice!

Stay tuned for more BioGuard product info!

super hero1

Clean & Perfect

The Clean & Perfect Way!

We’re taking some time to introduce terrific new products to you, straight from our friends at Natural Chemistry.  They have pledged to produce an entire line of pool and spa products that are chemical free, entirely natural, safe to use, safe for the environment and, most importantly, effective.  Take a look at the good things we had to say about Bug Break Free and Hair Renew.   Dependable products get real results.  It’s a win-win situation.Today, we’re highlighting Clean & Perfect, Natural Chemistry’s All Purpose Cleaner.  You know we love multi-taskers.  Products that pull double or even triple duty are just downright smart to have around.  We’ve talked before about other great products from Natural Chemistry.  They’ve done it again.  They’ve given us a reliable product that gets the job done time and time again.  Your pool and spa covers, skimmers, outdoor furniture and even your decks and barbecues will glisten when you clean with Clean & Perfect.  As they say, it’s “The Perfect All Purpose Cleaner.”  We know this isn’t just a sales line.  Clean & Perfect can handle virtually any mess – inside or out.  We’ve tested this product on indoor appliances, counters and fixtures too.  Why?  Clean & Perfect has natural enzymes and surfactants that powerfully drive away stains and odors gently and completely.  Gary Thull Pools is thoroughly pleased with Clean & Perfect’s natural enzyme technology.  We have found that grease and grime are no match for this dynamic formula.  Who would have thought that a product with this much effective versatility could even be biodegradable and a sound environmental choice?  Contact us to get your bottle today.  You won’t be disappointed in Clean & Perfect’s cleaning power.