A GTP Super Hero

Meet Zeph

 He may not be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, but he’s a super hero nonetheless.

Snake1 5-2015 Who else would be willing to reach into your pool heater to relocate a four foot long Black snake? This unwelcome surprise ambushed Zeph as he and Scott were opening a customer’s pool. Then, three more snakes, just as large, had to be relocated as well. Zeph is always ready to put the customer first. He’s been known to capture unwelcome pool and poolside residents, such as toads, frogs, salamanders, tadpoles, skunks, groundhogs and yes, as we already mentioned, snakes. Recently, he even had to assist a mother duck with her brood of 9 ducklings. She wasn’t thrilled when she heard that this wasn’t her family’s own private pond, but Zeph and Bubby convinced her that there was better swimming elsewhere. The ducklings were adorable, but Zeph knew they just weren’t helping the Chlorine demand.


Zeph has been with Gary Thull Pools from the beginning. His knowledge and skills are such an asset to our company. If you’ve ever had an elusive liner leak, guess whose skills we rely upon? Zeph’s! Since he has his SCUBA license and SCUBA experience,

Scubahe’s thoroughly equipped to find that leak, even when it isn’t warm enough to be swimming. Though he isn’t donning a mask and cape, his wet suit, swim mask and oxygen tank look like super hero garb to us! In addition to his construction, cleaning and maintenance expertise, Zeph is vital to the pool design process. Using a special pool design program, he designs preliminary images to help you imagine and solidify what you’re looking for in your backyard. This is such a helpful tool as it aids in communication between you, our customers, and our Gary Thull Pools sales team. Yes, Zeph, the super hero, has some major skills.


Now you know a little bit more about an integral member of the Gary Thull Pools family. Next time the brown-haired guy in the crew cut and goatee steps out of a Gary Thull Pools vehicle, you’ll know you’re in good hands.

Vehicle1If you see him, just say Hi!