To Brush or NOT To Brush?

paintbrush2To brush or not to brush, that is the question. If we were discussing your dental hygiene, it wouldn’t even be a question. You’d brush! Gotta take good care of those pearly whites, right? Did you know that your pool needs regular brushing? Gary Thull Pools doesn’t order brushing three times a day in your swim haven, however, breathe a sigh of relief, brushing your pool is recommended once a week and it only takes about ten minutes! That sounds doable, doesn’t it? Ten minutes, at least once a week, spent brushing your pool walls with gentle, but firm pressure could very well be the thing that stands between you and stains in your pool. Regular brushing also plays a big part in inhibiting the growth of algae. And, yes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Remember, algae, once established in your pool, can be a tough character to run out of town! Manual brushing reaches in to the hardest to reach places and breaks up what may be accumulating and growing on your pool walls. Starting above the water line and moving down the walls and side slopes in even strokes will ensure that all surface area is brushed. While skimming the surface of your pool water can help to remove larger debris from your pool, brushing can move and stir up fine dirt and tiny debris in order to aid in better filtration. It also makes the dirt and debris easier to be picked up with your pool vacuum later. That’s why you want to start at the top of the wall and move all the way down, brushing the entire pool floor and deep end. It’s a good idea to do this while your pump is operating. And, don’t forget to brush your pool step and benches! Algae accumulating there can make them slippery and slimy. If, for some reason, your pool is super grubby, go ahead and clean the filter when you’re done. I’ll bet the pool water looks more inviting now than ever. Take a dip! It’s so refreshing knowing you’re taking good care of your investment.

  • Here’s the pool brush we recommend. It’s an 18 inch nylon bristled brush that attaches to your pool pole to reach all the way down into the deep end!
  •  Does your pool pole telescope? It doesn’t? <gasp!> Call or email Gary Thull Pools today to order the most versatile pool tool on the planet!
  •  Did your pool brush get a little sun-baked? (Oops!) Are your bristles looking a little flaky? Have no fear, you can order a new one today and get started on a weekly pool-brushing regiment!

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