Memorial Day Pool Party Inspirations!

Memorial Day Pool Party Inspiration

Everybody knows that Memorial Day is the official kickoff for swim season. The weather forecast looks terrific and there’s plenty of time to round up folks for a pool party at your place. We’ve got a few ideas to make your party swell.

Crazy for Crust shares this Red Velvet Fruit Pizza. With fresh summer flavor and fabulous patriotic appeal, it definitely needs to be on your picnic table on Monday!

MD pizza How ‘bout a cute craft for the kiddos in attendance? On Pin Me, Pin Me Not Gretchen showcases these sweet little t-shirts that are easy AND fun to make.

t-shirts5-2015For an easy, no-sew table runner, try tying 5 bandanas together. Easy and patriotic in three minutes flat!

(Photo inspiration that plastic ware corralled with these cute red, white and blue cans, complete with Dollar Store flags, an idea shared by Stockpiling Moms. another cool dessert idea? How ‘bout a S’mores Bar? Young and old alike will enjoy roasting marshmallows and creating their own sweet treats after the sun has set., don’t forget to decorate… even in your pool!

FlagPoolMat5-2015 Get everyone in the pool for a crowd-pleasing game of Swimming Pool Scrabble! rounds up our ideas for your Memorial Day Pool Party. Make a splash, have a blast and swim, swim, swim!

Happy Memorial Day from your Gary Thull Pools family.


Thirdly, Pool Balancers

Bio GuardThirdly, it’s important to have products on hand that adjust pH and total alkalinity. You’ve got scale, metallic stains and mineral imbalances to prevent as well. Are you dizzy? Don’t be! Just take a look at BioGuard’s balancers. For pH concerns, we recommend Balance Pak 200. You won’t have to worry about equipment corrosion or liner wrinkling with this in your repertoire. In the alkalinity department, Balance Pak 100 is the product for you! This product will keep your water comfortable for your family and fight equipment corrosion or liner wrinkling from incorrect alkalinity levels. Stabilizer 100 is another great choice. Did you know that chlorine can be lost because of sunlight? This product vigilantly fights that chlorine loss. Using Stabilizer 100 will help keep your maintenance costs down by controlling how much chlorine you’re using. Now, that’s a win! We know nobody likes swimming in cloudy water, so we love Balance Pak 300. It dissolves quickly as it raises calcium hardness and fights corrosion in all your equipment and pool surfaces. For adjusting pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, stabilizer, and so on… BioGuard’s Balancers will serve you and your family well.


Featured Product – Take 2

Bio GuardSecondly, we’re big fans of BioGuard’s Burn Out 73. It’s an oxidizer that packs the biggest shock power on the market because of its high percentage of calcium hypochlorite. In layman’s terms, that means that Burnout 73 is THE product to destroy organic contaminants. It works hard to bring the sparkle and shine back into your pool water. Burn Out 73 is a great product for the off night during heavy pool usage weeks. This super-chlorinator dissolves quickly to make your pool water clear and inviting. That’s what you’re shooting for, right?


Featured Products

Bio GuardIt’s not enough to have a beautiful pool and splendid landscaping, because that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have a pleasant swim season. Our BioGuard products are the key to making the best of this summer with your family. Granular chlorine, oxidizers, balancers and algaecides will keep your pool in pristine condition, making your pool a joy, rather than a burden. Gary Thull Pools recommends only the best for you!

First, we can’t say enough about BioGuard’s Silk Tabs. Silk Tabs are really not a traditional chlorine product. They are unique because of the SilkGuard technology they contain. Silk Tabs include a forward thinking ingredient that binds itself to hard water and metals. This super smart sanitizing product’s number one purpose is smooth, soft pool water, which produces a divine swim experience. And, you can swim with peace of mind, knowing that BioGuard’s Silk Tabs will fight scaling and corrosion. There won’t be any metal staining either. You’ll rest easy knowing your pool equipment will last longer too! You know that algae are tough characters, so be glad that these terrific Silk Tabs will fight algae tooth and nail and battle bacteria like a true veteran. BioGuard’s Silk Tabs ought to be your sanitizer of choice!

Stay tuned for more BioGuard product info!

super hero1

Life Lately

Life Lately

If this were a personal blog, perhaps you’d occasionally stop in to see what our family has been up to lately. Hey, you can still check in to see what the Gary Thull Pools family has been doing. So, sit tight, it’s “Life Lately,” a blogging staple in the virtual world and now here, too!

PM Collage1a

Over in Port Matilda, the hole for a Blue Hawaiian Fiberglass pool has been dug. It’s a 16’x33’ Sunburst style. (And, it’s a real beaut!) We’ve sweated while setting the base and Tuesday was the big day! We’ve got our ducks in a row and all hands are on deck, the pool has been set. We are so excited about the fiberglass pool option. There are beautiful styles available, with sizes for every family’s needs.

The guys have been busy installing a new Pentair Master Temp heater on another project in State College. Elsewhere, they dug a trench for water and electrical lines on a renovation project in  the Valley Vista area. We love taking well-loved pools and giving them a new lease on life. Over in Gettysburg, the crew is putting the finishing touches on another campground pool. We can’t wait to share pictures of that finished project!

It’s only a few weeks into Spring and we’ve been BUSY. The excitement is mounting, just like the temperatures!

Think SWIM with Gary Thull Pools!