It’s In The Details

The Details: O-Rings

beach_ballDetails. They’ll get you every time. We all gotta take care of the little details in the big jobs, right? It’s the time of year when we feel the warm sunshine on our shoulders and start thinking about handling that getting-the-pool-opened job. There’s so much to think about when opening your pool, but the importance of giving attention to your filtration system cannot be stressed enough to you, friends. Seemingly insignificant rubber or rubber-like seals do their best to facilitate a thoroughly efficient filtration process. O-rings are vital for keeping things air and water tight throughout your entire filtration system. Take a peek inside your pump lid. An O-ring probably resides there. Check the filter belly band and chlorinator lid as well. O-rings will greet you and thank you for a little TLC twice a year or so. While Vaseline probably comes to mind the moment we say “lubricant,” we don’t recommend it for the best interests of your O-rings. It’s a petroleum based lubricant which can eat away at your O-rings over time, thus shortening the lifespan of your O-ring and leaking air and water in the process. Generally, silicone and Teflon lubricants are considered a wise alternative to petroleum based products. Magic Lube or Lube Tube are both affordable solutions to help create that water and air tight seal we’re looking to achieve. While there are many lubricants on the market, it’s important to discern the type of lubricant before applying it to your O-rings. Just a little swab of the right kind of lubricant on your O-rings when you open your pool will go a long way toward filtration system efficiency. Then, you can rest easy, knowing you’ve got the details covered.

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SwimmingTop Ten Reasons to Swim with your Kids

 If you’re swimming with your kids:

 #1 – You know where they are.

#2 – You know that you are investing in your family.

#3 – You know you are influencing them for good.

#4 – You can rest assured that your kids will be comfortable in the water.

#5 – You can have analog time – no technology!

#6 – You all can get some good Vitamin D, i.e. Sunshine!

#7 – You can teach your teenager how to check the water.

#8 – You will be using your pool investment wisely.

#9 – You will all be getting good exercise.

#10 – You can finally beat your teenager at something – a cannon ball contest or water basketball.

 There you have it. Get your pool opened so you can get swimming with your kids!