Hair Renew

Hair Renew

Swimmer’s Hair.  Ugh.  Just the thought makes our skin crawl.  We’re not sure what’s worse – Swimmer’s Hair or nails on a chalkboard.  It’s that nasty, dried-out feeling left in your hair after a few dips in the pool.  Nobody likes it.  And, we’d never want it to be a reason for you to stay away from your pool or spa this Summer.  Natural Chemistry is debuting a great new gentle solution called Hair Renew.  Its natural formula contains organic aloe vera and panthenol, which are both ingredients that smooth damaged hair.  If Swimmer’s Hair is a problem for your family, then your family’s hair will benefit from the moisturizing effect that Hair Renew offers.  It needs Hair Renew’s TLC!  This product will help you defeat Swimmer’s Hair by aiding in detangling and softening hair.  Hair Renew’s effective formula quickly neutralizes the harsh chemicals often found in pool and spa water.  And, there’s no need to rinse!  So, renew your hair while renewing your resolution to get the most out of your pool or spa every day.  Why not?  Swimmer’s Hair is now just a distant memory, so you can focus on making real memories with your family for the remainder of the Summer.


No More Bugs

Bug Break Free

 The sultry “Dog Days” of Summer are upon us.  Nothing says it more than the distant, gentle hum of the Dog Days locusts, the sounds of pool water splashing and the carefree shouts of your family in the pool.  We’re talking peak family swim time!  That is the point of what we do every day here at Gary Thull Pools.  So, we’d like to highlight a few products in the coming weeks to make your swim season more pleasant.

We’ll kick off with a great new product called Bug Break Free.  It is a natural pest solution recently released by Natural Chemistry.  No, it hasn’t been proven effective on nosy neighbors or chatterbox daughters, but it will effectively exterminate and fend off fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and even, black flies.  Now that we’re full swing in your favorite season, you know that the bugs’ favorite pastime is to get out and sink their teeth into you.  And, they know that you and yours are an easy poolside target.  Outsmart them!  Have the last laugh!  This product applies easily through the hose end sprayer.  One bottle can take care of the average sized back yard of trees, shrubs, lawn and vegetation.  Since it contains cedar wood oil, cinnamon oil, vanillin and clove oil, not only is it natural, but it also smells nice as well.  Gary Thull Pools wants you to know that you can feel good about the ingredients in Bug Break Free AND you can outsmart the bugs too.  It’s a win-win for you.  If it’s a win-win for you, it’s a win-win for us.  Contact us today to order Bug Break Free.

For More Information check out Bug Break Free on the Natural Chemistry website