Price Comparison

Pool Chemical PRICE Comparison

Don’t you love it when someone goes the extra mile for you?  They take time to save you time!  And, it says a lot about Gary Thull Pools, that we do that for you.  The latest trend in the pool chemical world is buying online – a trend that just might be to the detriment of your wallet thickness.  We’ve taken our prices and compared them to the top two online competitors.   We must admit, we think you’ll be surprised at our price comparison results.  The most popular chemical purchased online undoubtedly is Chlorine.  We were stunned to learn that although 3” Tabs of Chlorine were 18% cheaper online, most other prices for your pool essentials were much higher… think anywhere from 1% higher to a whopping 72% higher!  (Eyebrows up, eyes bulging.)   Gary Thull Pools matched the competitor’s prices for 1” Tabs of Chlorine.  We also matched one competitor’s price for Clear and Perfect Clarifier.  Additionally, our prices for Algaecide, 25lbs of pH Minus and 25lbs of Alkalinity Increaser were 1-20% lower than those top two online competitors.  It gets even better though.  If you’ve been reading our recent series on the best filters to buy, you’ll find that purchasing Diatomaceous Earth for our favorite (and the most effective!) DE filters from Gary Thull Pools saves you 25%.  That’s 25% you can put towards a new poolside lounge chair or pool volleyball net.  (Your teenage son is pulling for that one.)  We didn’t stop with 25% savings.  For Stabilizer/Conditioner, Calcium Hardness, pH Plus, 6lbs of pH Minus and 10lbs of Alkalinity Increaser we beat the competitors’ prices by 25-50%!  Best of all, a 50 lb bag of salt purchased from us will be 72% cheaper.  (We promise we won’t look if you start salivating at the thought of putting that 72% savings toward a new automatic pool cover.)  So, although one or two items may be a little cheaper in cyberspace; in Gary Thull Pools’ space we offer better prices overall.  But, wait, there’s shipping to consider, you say.  We’ve thought of that.  Many online competitors offer free shipping for these chemical orders.  Don’t worry; when you order the same amount from us, we deliver.  For free.  Yes, that’s right.  That means that one of our team members will deliver your purchase right to your pool house.  And, if you have a question, they’re always willing to chat a bit and help you get it figured out.  Gary Thull Pools believes in being personal, more personal than any computer screen.  Depend on us.  Count on us.  Purchase from us.  We know you’ll be glad you did.


Filters Review

Filter Wrap-Up & Review

Do you feel well-informed yet?  Let’s review what we’ve learned.  Sand filters are a very common choice.  They are easy to maintain.  However, they are larger than cartridge or DE filters.  And, although they are inexpensive to operate, they are the least effective filter on the market. Cartridge filters are a popular choice as well.  There are varying price points available, just don’t get suckered into buying one so cheap that paper is the filter medium.  It will disintegrate when you attempt to clean it.  Nothing like a little filter disintegration to raise your stress level.  But, speaking of cleaning, more required labor-intensive maintenance is the main drawback of cartridge filters.  Otherwise, it filters better than the sand filter, though not as well as a DE filter does.  DE filters do seem to be the way to go, as they are truly the highest quality filter.  The DE filter wins the water filtering effectiveness battle, hands down.  Plus, there is less maintenance than a cartridge filter and it is still inexpensive to operate.  So, you decide based on the information we’ve supplied to you.  We, at Gary Thull Pools, are always available to answer your filter questions, resolve filter issues and assist you in finding the right filter for the pool and spa in your backyard.  Contact us today!