Decisions.  Choices.  Options. When it comes to filters, scope out the options and make the call. There are almost as many factors to consider as the cereal aisle in your local grocery store.  There’s maintenance time, filter longevity and cost to maintain and/or replace the filter to take into consideration.  After all, we like to keep our wallets fat and happy.  Additionally, there’s the effectiveness of the filter to discuss.  You want to choose a filter that works for you, making your pool water clean, beautiful and inviting.  So, in the coming weeks, we’ll discover the differing options in the pool filter world, while walking you through the ins and outs.  After all, the best preparation for a decision is good, sound information, right?

Giving Back

Gary Thull is going to AUCTIONEER???

Let me introduce you to a new friend of Gary Thull Pools. His name is Dillon. Dillon is 25 years old. He’s an active young man, who keeps himself busy. He likes the Great Outdoors. He enjoys hunting. He even runs his own DJ business on the side. We, at Gary Thull Pools found that we have something in common with Dillon. We’re outdoorsy-folk too! We also enjoy helping people and we have a good time while we’re doing it. So, when Charlie, from Dogwood Acres Campground called us to see if we were interested in helping out with a venture of his, we enthusiastically said, “YES!” You see, Dillon has had cerebral palsy from birth, but he doesn’t let that keep him from doing things he loves. Dillon would love to have a special wheelchair, more suitable for getting around in the Great Outdoors. His friends and family are generous and hard-working people, who have already raised $12,000 toward this 4 wheel-drive wheelchair. And, our good friends Charlie and Lucille, over at Dogwood Acres Campground, want to help them raise the other $10,000. Together, they’ve organized a day full of activities, run by a great team of volunteers. Specifically, there will be an auction, where the proceeds will benefit Dillon and his new wheelchair fund. This is where Gary Thull Pools comes in. Back in 1978, Gary graduated from auctioneering school. It’s a skill he has used since then for work, charities and even entertaining the grandchildren. (Ask him to do his Donald Duck auctioneer imitation sometime.) So, Gary will be doing the auctioneering. We’d love for you to come and join us. Auctions are great, hometown kind of fun, especially when there’s a good cause involved and a man with Gary Thull’s sense of humor at the microphone! Additionally, Charlie and Lucille have mentioned that there will be food and many other activities. For more information, check out the Dogwood Acres Campground Facebook page and the information below. We can’t wait to see you there!

Who: For Dillon, hosted by Dillon’s Friends & Family

What: Auction to raise funds for Dillon’s new outdoors-friendly wheelchair

When: Saturday, May 4, 2013 at 1:30 pm

Where: Dogwood Acres Campground 4500 Enola Rd Newville, PA

PS – If you simply can’t make the event, but would still like to contribute to this cause, you may make a cash donation to Dillon Strouse at any Cornerstone Bank or by mailing a check directly to: Dillon Strouse – Wheel Chair Fund 15 Bridgewater Rd Newville, PA 17241