Reason #3 – Why a site visit!

Here’s the situation we don’t want to find our customers in – opening the front door of your home to find the zoning officer standing there with a Notice of Violation.  We know from experience there are zoning ordinances known as setbacks; it’s a detail we never ignore.  Setbacks refer to the distance from the edge of any building or structure set back from a property lot line, road or street.  They are determined by your governing municipality.  They are meant to keep the neighborhood looking tidy and also, to ensure each neighbor’s privacy.  Nobody likes it when the neighbor’s stuff seems to encroach upon their own space.  In some neighborhoods, setbacks can also determine or even limit the size, shape or type of your pool.  Each municipality’s zoning ordinances are as different and unique as each municipality and neighborhood.  When we stand in your yard, Gary Thull Pools helps you determine and lay out a pool design that works with the zoning ordinances and specifically, the setback limitations of your municipality.  We know you’re not a cookie-cutter family in a cookie-cutter neighborhood and that’s why Gary Thull Pools isn’t a cookie-cutter pool company.  We meet those zoning requirements as we work with you from design to swim, so you can have peace of mind as you lounge in your backyard oasis!

Here’s how to get in touch with us to set up your very own site visit to begin the design-to-swim process: Phone: (814) 355-1009 (There’s a real person on the other end, one that doesn’t have a foreign accent.)

Email:  (There’s a live person, checking this email regularly.)

We look forward to hearing from you!

The #2 Reason Why We Always Request a Site Visit

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The #2 reason for always doing a site visit – ACCESS:

Our preference here at Gary Thull Pools is to have a well thought out design-to-swim plan and process.  Many refer to the coordination of details this requires as “logistics.”  The logistics of building your pool includes considering access.  We always visit your site in order to determine if there will be any access issues.  We want to know: is there adequate area for necessary equipment to get in and out of your yard safely?   All kinds of pools require varying types and sizes of equipment, from wheel-barrows to skid-loaders and backhoes.  And, if you’re leaning toward our new line of Blue Hawaiian fiberglass pools by Latham, a safe route for an oversized load and crane must be available.  So, let us check out the available access in your backyard.  Invite us to your place to begin the design-to-swim process.  We’ll take a thorough look around and figure out a way to get the necessary equipment in and out without a problem.  That’s what happens when you place your backyard in the hands of Gary Thull Pools.

Top Three of Ten Reasons for a Site Visit

Top Three of Ten Reasons for a Site Visit

Gary Thull Pools wants you to know how smooth the design-to-swim process can be when you choose a company like ours.  We’ve got loads of experience that we love putting to good use.  So, today and for the next couple weeks, we’d like to share with you the top three reasons why we always start things off on the right foot – with our feet in your backyard, visiting the very site of your future pool.

Gary Thull Pools realizes that your pool is your personalized experience.  It must match and meet your needs, wants and dreams, not the Jones’.  How can we better know those needs, wants and dreams without being there, in person?  We enjoy chatting with you, scoping out your yard and discussing options.  That’s why we will always visit your location before we quote you a price.  And, when you meet with us face-to-face, you find out just how much our expertise works for you.  Our experience has taught us that one key factor in discovering the best layout for your pool is always taking into account a location’s elevation.  For example, the presence of large elevation changes in the topography of your yard present certain challenges that may need to be addressed.  Varying elevation determines how and where a pool can be set.  For instance, a retaining wall may be necessary to create a flat area adequate for the installation of your pool.  We will gladly discuss any of your yard’s possible challenges.  We can reassure you with our smart solutions.  We’re fantastic at offering creative ideas for all types and layouts of yards.  We brainstorm together – really listening to the ideas you have.  It may seem like we can make impossibility, a reality.  Maybe we can.  After all, we’d never know these things, until our feet are in your backyard.